Introducing Blue Nudge Collective Responsibility Drive(CRD)

A simple and positive journey to encourage a sustainable behaviour and becoming a planet warrior.


Become aware through assessment.


Get nudges in the right direction.


Apply the nudges in day-to-day life.


Spread the word and become a planet warrior.

Get Nudged

What you get

After going through the Blue Nudge programme, you will be one of the first Indians that are actually taking a little step towards sustainable behaviour.

Awareness about need for sustainable behaviour.

Action plan to become sustainably responsible.

Planet Warrior certification and merchandise.

Skills to inspire youth’s environmental actions.

How it works

Login and complete basic profile

Select and complete a module

Implement in day-to-day life

Become a certified planet warrior


This course is suitable for anyone interested to see the earth greening and thriving with life by reversing the damages already done. Anybody interested in contributing towards a sustainable future is eligible for the program.

This program is designed to help you develop an understanding of sustainability and situational thinking, the curriculum will provide tailored approaches and workflow to help you begin your sustainable journey and inspire change within community.

This course appeals to a wide spectrum of people from school students, to working professionals of diverse backgrounds as well as homemakers with an interest in building skills to tackle climate change. This program appeals to everyone and involves inclusivity so that no one is left behind.

Topics covered under the Planet warrior assessment program are- tackling food waste, energy conservation, water conservation, sustainability awareness, recycling, lowering consumption, waste management, reduce plastic consumption, sustainable travel, community leadership, and engagement.

This wide variety of courses will help develop the key skillset to form an informed perspective on these issues and start inculcating incremental changes in your life and be a conversation starter involving climate change issues.

There is no registration fee as such, the curriculum is free to attend, attempt the question, get assessed, check your score, and get the Nudges.

There is a nominal fee if you wish to get the certificate along with planet warrior merchandise and goodies box. This is a shareable certificate which means you can add it to your professional LinkedIn profile, add to your resume and enjoy its benefits.

There is no better time than "NOW" to register for this sustainability course. Get inside and explore the plethora of subjects with interactive questionnaires and wealth of knowledge.

This certificate will empower you with an understanding of approaches to sustainability and help you lead your community, social circle, peer group, organization towards a more sustainable future by exploring different aspects of sustainability and create impactful changes.

This certificate will act as solid proof to validate your understanding and knowledge base and help you become confident to talk and share your views and experiences about a sustainable future with a wide network of people.

The Planet Warrior gift box includes merchandise and curated sustainability starter box to get the best experience of being sustainable.

These include: a) Official Planet Warrior T-shirt, b) Planet Warrior Wristband and c) Planet Warrior sticker pack.

The best thing you can do is to start following the nudges right away, share your experiences with your friends and family. Share your sustainable habits in your social circle and become a planet warrior, share this course to make more and more people aware of the issues related to environment & climate change and help in creation of active planet warrior community.